Friday, July 11, 2008

Fairfield County Wins All-Star Game

Nick Angotto reports that tonight's Hall of Fame Classic All-Star Game was!

Word is that there was a wild play late in the fourth quarter that allowed Fairfield County to score and tie the game, sending things to overtime. Fairfield County would eventually beat New Haven County, 31-30.

Don't take my word for it. I'm just getting home from something else that I'm doing these days. Instead, head over to the FCIAC Football Blog, where Tim Parry will have the details. And by the way, Tim worked tirelessly promoting the game. He gets my vote for MVP.

Just one other thing...and this is a note for Tim...I made sure to talk up the game today on WGCH. I wish I could have done more, but duty called. I wasn't invited to take part in the broadcast on SportingNewsCT. It's all good, I suppose. I'll hang out with the Renegades instead.

I once worked for SportingNewsCT. No, make that twice. They seem to have lost my phone number since then. Strange, considering I worked for free. Guess I won't be that "voice of the FCIAC" that I was suppose to become.

Sean, you wanted me to blog more, no? Say something funny!

In all seriousness, Nick Angotto was there in part because they honored his late friend Steve Bawol tonight. Still, I hope he didn't pay for his ticket. He's electronic media - part of the WGCH familia!

Before you know it, it will be August 23rd - and the start of practice. I expect to spend that day (my brother's birthday) in Oneonta (and probably Cooperstown), calling the Gades and Tigers. Then it will be Septembers, and I'll be back at the mic on WGCH.

At least that's the plan.


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We're going to have to settle him down. He gets accepted to school in Hawaii and now he's got a big head.