Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let Them Play!

Oh, for the love of God. Have we nothing better to get upset about?

About a week ago, I wrote briefly about a Wiffle ball field that was built in Greenwich on a patch of unused land. As usual, there was "community opposition" from some of the neighbors, plus kids being - SURPRISE - kids, they didn't go to Town Hall to get their seal of approval.

Haysooz Crisco, I could have seen myself doing the same thing on the old barren lot across the street from my parent's house. In fact, we did do the same thing, playing everything from hide and seek to - GASP! - "war" over there. It was also the land that became a home run if a fly ball landed there during our - wait for it - WIFFLE BALL GAMES!!

Well now the neighbors have brought in a lawyer, and taken the whole thing to another foolish level.

This is where the humble Sports Director of WGCH Radio will pause for a moment before exploding on a rant. Since a lawyer is already involved, Mr. Adams will resist from saying anything that will have said lawyer - or a process server - visiting him. Been there, done that. Didn't buy the T-shirt though. Too expensive.

OK, thank you. I'm back.

Anyway, look - here's the thing. How many times do I have to tell you, Greenwich, that you look ridiculous to the rest of the world when you get your multi-million dollar shorts in a bundle over these things? Do you know how many times the world laughs at you over beach access, football stadium lights, and now Wiffle ball fields? I'm sure you don't care, but maybe you should, as this story will give the pundits any excuse to bring the hammer.

This advice is free, by the way.

(NOTE - After writing my original draft of this, I drove to work and was listening to WCBS 880, as they ran a story about...what else...this subject. They described the ruckus as taking place in Riverside, but you get the point.)

I said it when I first presented this here - there are worse things they could be doing. Would you rather the players go sit in somebody's house, playing video games, eating unhealthy snacks, and watching TV all summer? Then why not let them go play ball and have some fun?

There are charges in the article of broken alcohol bottles and horn honking signs (to support the field). No point in getting into that stuff, as I don't know what the truth is and as always, it's somewhere in the middle. But a few things boggle my mind. Here's just one quote, from Neil Vigdor's article:
"Certainly, there's a sense of fear that has been created," (lawyer Tom) Heagney said. "Right now, because of the activity that is going on there, I don't think you can do anything but stop it at this point."

So we'll sit back and watch and wait. People - let's find a compromise. There has to be a better way to spend the summer than in court. Set some ground rules, put in a curfew, and the whole thing will likely go away. But keep it up and everybody is going to dig their heals in.

When did common sense become so rare?

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