Sunday, July 06, 2008

Football Radio Musings

Leave it to Sean Patrick Bowley and Tim Parry to have all of the wild and wacky details of broadcast changes in Connecticut football.

Now I have some very pointed opinions about all of this, but they would be inappropriate for me to put here. So I'll leave it at that.

I will, however, add this. WGCH broadcasts every single game of ours on the Internet. SPB didn't mention that, but did give some "love" to SportingNewsCT and So be it.

We also used to have talk shows - I had two sports shows at one time, and Ricky Fritsch also did one. Now I have quarreled with people over the fact that we don't have any at this point, but I've given up ramming my head against the wall. I will offer though that when we had those shows, we had amazing guests from all over the sports world. As Sports Director (yep, that's still my title) I was extremely proud of them.

I'm further proud of the people that have worked with me on WGCH since 1998. Sean, Nick, Ricky, Jason, Matt, Zach, Ron, Tom, John, Mark, and on and on. It's an amazing team that has assembled.

One writer once had us in the booth with him for a state championship game. After it was over (Greenwich had lost), the writer - a fairly tough sort - turned to us and complimented us for our very professional broadcast. That's what I like to hear.

The same thing happened a few years later in a booth where two other outlets were calling the same game. Different writers - same result. That's what we have always worked for.

I'm often the lone voice sounding the trumpet for our efforts on WGCH (Tim is great about it as well...he never forgets us). Maybe I'm just not yelling loud enough. Or something like that.

Oh by the way, "The Tailgaters" starts Wednesday at 6:05 PM on the Hudson Valley Radio Network. Sadly not on the Internet...yet.

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