Thursday, July 03, 2008

There Are Worse Things They Could Be Doing

"If you build it, he will come."

You know the quote, from "Field of Dreams", as Ray Kinsella bulldozes his crop to build a baseball field. The field reunites Ray with his deceased dad, and millions of men blubber like little boys.

In Greenwich, some enterprising teens build a Wiffle ball field on a vacant lot near Greenwich High School. It's a small-scale replica of Fenway Park, but of course, adults have to try to spoil the fun.

Read the story from the Greenwich Time here.

Let the kids play. They're not really doing any harm, and they probably should be commended for doing something constructive. Haysooz Cristo, don't we all get on kids for being inside and playing video games too much?

God I LOVE hypocrisy!

NIMBY's. Don't you just love them?

Boys, I love the idea of this field. I'll come visit anytime.

There's other news in the Time to discuss, but I like my job. So that's that.

Oh, and that picture up top? That's me in 1977, holding...what else?...a Wiffle ball bat.

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