Friday, September 13, 2019

'Twas the Night Before Football

I've got rosters.

Hopefully, they're accurate.

I've got a scoresheet.

I've got some notes.

In a perfect world, I'd add in stats.

I'd love to have all of it, but my workspace just never allows it. I admire those who can be so fancy.

Otherwise, let's put the ball in the air.

I've heard enough games at this point. I've watched enough.

I've been a caged animal for weeks.

I was down in North Carolina on Aug. 23, when they were starting their season.

Mike Hirn has already called several football games in Ohio, as well as volleyball and soccer, pro wrestling and who knows what else? Professional cornhole? Who knows?

I've called two games since early August.

I'm tired of listening to everyone else.

I enjoy reading the tweets of all of the reporters. Always quality content to be found (Fairfield Prep gives me a good laugh, for instance).

But I'm ready. I hope you are also, and that you'll join us tomorrow (and keep me company).

Tomorrow at 3:50, the defending state champions get their chance to kick-off as Greenwich hosts Danbury.

On a personal note, it's the beginning of my 21st year around Greenwich football. It's my 20th year calling any Greenwich football games (remember: two years of HAN), and my 18th as lead broadcaster of Cardinals' games on WGCH.

I'll have Cardinals/Hatters on WGCH, (anywhere) and though I never mention it, it's worth reminding you we're on TuneIn. Also available on Local Live from the Greenwich Athletic Foundation.

I'll talk to you then.

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