Friday, September 20, 2019

Stay Focused

Greenwich (in white) and Trumbull before tonight's game.
Things got...dark today.

I can't (or, maybe, shouldn't) really talk about it, but it got bad.

Stress on top of stress for myriad reasons.

And then, I discovered I was missing a power cord, and it felt like the world was over.

It's funny how something so small can ruin so much. In that moment, I realized I left not one but TWO power cords at home and needed them to run my computer.

The lack of said cord could put the status of our broadcast tonight in peril.

I began asking around...Chris Erway...Jeff Alterman...DJ Furano...and Susan asked around as well.

It took a while, but finally, Chris Erway found one and all was well.

My rational mind told me that we'd survive with or without the cord. I'd use my skills to come up with Plan B.

But it was still friendly fire, and I was my own worst enemy. I was so mad at myself for losing site of things and forgetting the damn cord.

TWO of them.

I realize it was the cherry on my sundae but it just put me in dire straits.

I couldn't keep my eye on the ball.

But back to Susan, who gets an MVP nod. As any great friend will do, she steadied the ship by reminding me to focus on the here and now.

I told myself that at three in the morning last night, but my brain just wouldn't listen.

Nothing gets solved at that point.

But I simply felt overwhelmed.

I needed to remind myself to go a step at a time.

A day at a time.

Then, after sitting in awful traffic, I made my way to Trumbull for the game in question.

Greenwich rolled along, eventually running away from the Eagles, 42-7.

For one night, Chris Erway and I reigned again on WGCH. We're off next week when Chris Kaelin and Paul Silverfarb fill in for us as Greenwich hosts Norwalk.

In a stroke of genius, we stood outside on a beautiful night, and let the sardine can press box fill up like the booth in The Naked Gun.

There was no battling with other voices. There was just us, doing out thing.

I was back in my element. I was back to laughing. I could breathe again.

I began to see clearly.

I live to fight another day, as I often say, and that day will feature Hotchkiss and Brunswick, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.

A note about tomorrow: the game -- carried via the Brunswick website, produced by Local Live with audio via Robcasting -- might encounter transmission problems. Hotchkiss, located in the northwest corner of the state, is notable for not having great cell phone service in the area.

We will all do our best to get the game on the air live and uninterrupted. Barring that, I will post the audio in the archive.

See you tomorrow.

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