Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Turkey Thoughts

Here on this Thanksgiving Eve, I wish the readers of this very little piece of real estate all the best happiness and health.

I wrote a post for the Greenwich Post, and I think we're going to keep doing it.  I enjoyed it, so why not?

Tomorrow will be my final football broadcast for 2010, unless someone is kind enough to ask me to participate in the playoffs somewhere.  I'd like to put a little mileage between me and the season before I reflect on it and decide what kind of season it was (at least in the booth).  I can say it had fun moments, but I can also say there were other, rather forgettable moments, both on and off the air.

I laughed a lot.  I also felt my blood pressure skyrocket.  The usual...bad equipment...competing media outlets...egos...schedules...blah blah blah.

After tomorrow, I have no idea when my next broadcast is.  I hate - REPEAT, HATE - that feeling.

It's been a strange week, beginning with a wonderful birthday.  Today, I attended the funeral of my Aunt Jean, who passed away last Friday at the age of 85.  Despite her age, she was in good health (we thought), so her passing was a shock.  The feelings of today (and yesterday as well), were mostly bittersweet.  So sad to say good bye, and so sad that it takes these events to see family that I truly enjoy.  Conversely, I did get to see family that I truly enjoy, and was able to introduce Carrie to everyone.

Side note - it's a special person who takes a day off from work to attend a funeral for a woman she never met, to support a boyfriend and his family whom she has known for barely eight months.  That's a good person there.

I have thoughts from the funeral, such as a few comments on the church and their exclusionary tactics.  I thought it was obnoxious.  Others disagreed.  Some agreed.  Fair enough.  Also, I've noticed that many funerals have become very impersonal.  What happened to the eulogies?  Perhaps it's a family decision, but whatever and I doubt it, given my aunt's love of good times.  I don't want some individual of the cloth speaking blankly about a person they never met.  I want stories.  And laughter.  Maybe even tears.  But it will at least be personal.

I'm rambling.  Best to let it go.  You might enjoy my rants but they seem to just get me in trouble.

Please join us tomorrow on WGCH, as Kato, the Wingman, Killer, ~S.L.Y.~ and Captain Greenwich give it our best one more time.  No MSG, so no problems.  I don't think the WWPT guys will give us any trouble.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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