Thursday, November 04, 2010

Oh, Had You Not Heard?

That's odd.  I thought everyone had heard.

That my friend, Lisa the Cookie Momma, is a part of the blog family over at Next Music Online.  She writes a food blog, and with it being November, well, the bird is the word!

Of course, she posted this video at the bottom, and how can I resist posting it as well?

This is the only thing I plan on celebrating in November - food!  Thanksgiving (Staples/Greenwich, of course).  My niece Katie has a birthday this month; so does Carrie's brother Sean (yesterday).  Maybe I'll get to a hockey game or two.

That's about it.  Nothing else in November, right?  Nothing of a certain annual variety?  Nothing in common with Mariano Rivera (you know, number forty-two)?

That's what I thought.

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