Friday, November 19, 2010

Mitchell & Ness (and My Birthday)

OK, I admit it.  My birthday is Monday.  I've been refusing it, avoiding it, pushing it away.  Not because I don't want it or that I'm afraid of it though.  Overall, it's another day.  For the most part, my past several birthdays have been largely forgettable and/or disappointing.  Thus my current attitude.  I'm adjusting it.

I thought about gathering my friends - from all parts of my life - because I thought that would be great.  It just didn't happen.  My own fault.  My own stubbornness.  Maybe next year.  This, by no means, doesn't mean that it won't be a great weekend. 

OK, so why did I call this post "Mitchell & Ness?"  Well because they make some of the coolest sports merchandise you'll ever see, including jerseys that look like they've come straight off of Lou Gehrig or Rod Gilbert or Terry Bradshaw.

They've opened a new store in Philadelphia.  I'd like to stroll around that place with a valid credit card!

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