Monday, November 01, 2010

Bill Gonillo Six

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...Greenwich.

They beat Westhill, 49-3.  They should have beaten Trumbull (but clearly did not).  Ridgefield lost, and so Trumbull (to Stamford).  So...

1) Staples (Last week: 1)
2) Masuk (2)
3) Darien (3)
4) New Canaan (4)
5) Pomperaug (5)
6) Greenwich (NR)

Now go earn it, Cardinals.  I also know that Newtown is outstanding. so they're mighty close.

Now, a minor rant.  Greenwich/New Canaan is our next broadcast, this Friday at 7:00 (6:50 pre-game show).  Of course, MSG Varsity, maybe WSTC/WNLK (with my friend Matt Levine), and New Canaan's own station (I hear they have a webcast, a la WWPT) will be there.

Along with Mel Allen, Curt Gowdy, Dick Enberg, and Dr. Joyce Brothers.

Of course, the PA Announcer (Bob VanDerheyden), scoreboard operator, spotter and others will be in the booth as well, along with other New Canaan supporters (read: Greenwich haters).

Trust me on this one.  I've worked in this booth before.

And we - WGCH, who has been covering Greenwich football religiously since we went on the air in 1964, probably won't be getting access to New Canaan's press box.  I'm not writing this to criticize the Rams - they're a fine school and have a terrific athletic department.  I'm saying that everyone drinks the MSG Flavor-Aid.  Now what I haven't figured out is if the almighty dollar is involved here.  That is, are these schools getting paid for the product that MSG put out (perfectly fine technically, and there are some fine people on their staff)?  So, as a result, do they get to dictate where they sit?

If so, then great.  Just great.  Greed and ego wins out.  The local dope (that's me) gets to sit outside.

I tolerated it at Rye-Harrison because I completely recognize that we parachute in to cover that game.

Greenwich/New Canaan is different.  We cover Greenwich ever week.  MSG doesn't.  We've been down this road enough - so much so that my girlfriend remembered me (and others) screaming about them - long before she ever met me.

Don't even get me started about my concerns for next week's game at St. Joseph in Trumbull and the lack of cell phone coverage.

UPDATE: Tim Parry says cell phone coverage has improved drastically at St. Joe's.  That's great, because the last time I called a game from there, I think we spent as much time off the air (trying to get a signal) as we did ON.  Tim also told me the entire site has improved with a new press box, etc, which I had heard about.  Good - now I'm excited to cover that one.

I'm looking forward to Brunswick/Hopkins Saturday night, where I know we'll have space and friendly faces (check, please!).

But now, thanks to this, Greenwich/New Canaan has become less of the fun for me that I enjoy in covering games.  It's become work.

Can't we all just get along?

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