Monday, November 29, 2010

Bill Gonillo Six (The Pre-State Playoff Edition)

Well, things are, er, weird, aren't they?  Darien WINS the FCIAC but gets blasted by New Canaan.  So what do we do with this?

1) Masuk (Last Week: 1).  To me, this is the easy part.  They're 10-0, have scored nearly 500 points, and allowed on 63.  Hit the Staples button (the store, not the high school), because "that was easy."
2) New Canaan (4).  I know, I know...WHAT?  They're not the FCIAC champs.  Yeah but they throttled the FCIAC champs on Thanksgiving Day.  I also know what I person, when they pounded Greenwich.
3) Darien (2).  They would have stayed at number two if not for the Thanksgiving game, compounded by the total idiocy of the Dunning Field painting thing.  I could have dropped them to fourth, in favor of Staples, now couldn't I?  Tempting...but I won't.
4) Trumbull (3).  I'm going to ding them for the FCIAC loss.  The only thing that keeps me from dropping them lower than Staples is that, head to head, they beat Staples.
5) Staples (5).  I saw what I saw in person.  Maybe they're young, but they're really good.  I want to put them higher, but the logic wouldn't be fair.
6) Oh boy...what do we do here?  Despite their loss to Trumbull, I'm going to keep St. Joe's at number six.  Yes, Newtown...and Brookfield...and have every right to be upset.  You're each 8-2, and St. Joe's is 7-3.  I know.  But the Cadets/Hogs play in the FCIAC, have a talented team, and fought hard with Trumbull before injuries bit them.  That's enough for me.

Onto the states!

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