Thursday, November 04, 2010

Brawling in Connecticut (and other Links)

A little fracas broke out at last week's North Branford/Lewis Mills game.  Check out the video and story from the New Haven Register.

Dumb.  It sounds like, based on what I read from the officials, that Lewis Mills was more at fault, yet North Branford also got hit with a forfeit?

Again, dumb.

Speaking of topics in which "can't we all just get along", let's go to the FCIAC Football Blog (got the name right, didn't I?) where Tim Parry is lining us all up for Friday night.

Tim has the details of a disappointing injury for Staples.

I have no real interest in this post - an interview with TCU head football coach Gary Patterson, but Carrie the amazingly wonderful girlfriend likes the Horned Frogs just because they're horned frogs.  Thus I'm linking it here via Sports Radio Interviews.

Jeff Perlman writes about what an awful, Republican town Mahopac is.  No, he didn't call it awful.  I'm exaggerating.  Still he did call many of them/us (me?) "sheltered."  I get it, and understand what he means, and he's not 100% wrong (I think I'm little better than what he is describing, but that could be due to my own experiences, especially of late as I spend so much time in the N-Y-C).  Still, aren't many smaller towns like that?  Or does he just dislike Republicans?  Either way, there is a lot of good dialogue going on in the comments.

One last Pearlman-related item.  Probably only Carrie will care about this, but Jeff wrote about his favorite writing spot.  Not too far from where the lovely Carrie spends a lot of time (and where I'll be in a few hours).

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