Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday Links

Man, the New York Islanders just don’t get it.  They’ve pulled the credential of an ultra-popular blog.

You know, a blog that actually has a decent reputation.  Unlike this one.

Please tell me you saw this:

How did this come to be?  Rolling Stone has more.  Bruce also sat down with Fallon for an interview.

Greenwich and Staples will play next Thursday at Cardinal Stadium.  Tim Parry wrote a preview for the Hearst papers (including the Connecticut Post and the Greenwich Time).  Be on the lookout for a quote from WGCH’s Sports Director (though not named by title).  Here are the rest of the links to the turkey games, courtesy of Tim.

The Worldwide Leader’s magazine is doing a movie issue, in which they’ve taken athletes and placed them in movie setups.  Some of them don’t quite work for me, but these three are pretty good.

Ryan Miller as Carl Spackler in “Caddyshack”!

Danica Patrick as Veronica Corningston in “Anchorman” (a filthy pirate hooker – that’s a line from the movie!)

And Lindsey Vonn as Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct”.  Wow – this one is uncanny.

Fun stuff.  Fang’s Bites has more.

Speaking of movie quotes, Kenn Tomasch (I remembered the second “N” this time – HA!) lets one go during a game-opening.

Elsewhere, Roger Ebert writes about the brilliance of NPR – radio that isn’t pretentious.

I’m not going to go crazy on the AL Cy Young Award.  A guy that went 13-12 won it.  This isn’t a pro-CC Sabathia/Yankee thing, as he didn’t think he deserved.  Yankees want championships – period.  Joe Posnaski yacks about his joy over the death of wins as an important stat.  This gets a “whatever” from me.
From hockey, The Graying Mantis writes an honest recap of Wednesday night’s Rangers loss to the Bruins.  That’s why I like him.

Former Yankee Jim Leyritz is on trial in Florida for DUI and vehicular manslaughter.  Chad Jennings from the LoHud Yankees blog updates things.

Chad also has a note on Congress recognizing the late Bob Sheppard.

From minor league baseball, Benjamin Hill takes a little umbrage with something that ESPN’s Rob Neyer wrote.  Bravo.

Tiger Woods appeared on ESPN, taking softballs from Mike and Mike in the morning.  Sports Radio Interviews has some quotes.

This might be the first time I’ve posted anything from cricket, but it is at the very foundation of baseball, so why not (via Deadspin)?  Is that Monty?  YES!  What a play!

I love old photographs, and Shorpy is as good a place as any to go see them.  Take a look at Poughkeepsie, NY in 1906.  My dad worked there.  My sister worked there.  My cousin works there.  Friends, etc.  I go there a lot.  In short, I’ve seen way too much of Po’ town for my taste lately.

The Beatles are finally on iTunes.  In case you need a reminder, have a look at their progression.

A little Jeff Pearlman for ya.  Recently, the NFL Network picked their 100 greatest (with Jerry Rice foolishly over Jim Brown at number one).  Pearlman picks the 100 worst on Deadspin.

He also talks about not taking kids to sporting events (the NFL in this case).

That’s all I have for now…isn’t that enough?!?

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