Friday, November 12, 2010

The Boston Bruins Rock!

You want smart marketing?  You want savvy commercials?  You want funny in hockey?

Look no further than the Boston Bruins.  On Thursday night, Deadspin got hold of a Bruins fan doing something stupid.

Hey before you criticize, this kind of crap happens in EVERY city...and EVERY arena.  No fan base is that smart.  Sorry.  They all have stupid fans, and as such, Paul Silverfarb and Phil Soto-Ortiz had a great back and forth with me on Facebook about the modern sports fan...and modern sports in general.  In short, we hate the modern sports least Paul and I do.  Just last night, a Sabres fan so drove a wedge into my enjoyment of the Rangers' game that I might not go back.  Seriously.

Of course, there has been outrage all over, but leave it to the Bruins - as smart a team as I've seen when it comes to their commercials - to have the last word:

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