Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is Where We Are

I just popped on the TV, and wound up heading first to CNN, then Fox News. Both have the same "BREAKING NEWS" banner:
"Awaiting Confirmation of the Death of the DC Sniper"
Yep, hard-hitting news.

I will spare you my $ .02 on the death penalty. Those who know me know where I stand, and there's no middle ground.

John Allen Muhammad is due to die, where his accomplice, then-17 year-old Lee Malvo was spared by the US Surpeme Court, who doesn't believe in executing minors.

Again, we're not turning this blog into that. Sadly, the world can't handle certain opinions. Reporters aren't allowed to take such stands, and prospective employers and such don't like those kinds of things.

And that's that. Mr. Muhammad died at 9:11 PM.

By the way, is MSNBC still on the air?

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