Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hall of Fame Ballot Thoughts

These are my gut feelings on those on the ballot for the baseball Hall of Fame. I sadly don't have a vote, and never will, since I don't smoke cigars while bitching about the electronic media (in other words, I'm not a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America).

Roberto Alomar - Begrudgingly, I'll say yes. I think he's the kind of guy who should step to microphone next year in Cooperstown, sheepishly say "Thank you" and go sit down.

Kevin Appier - No

Harold Baines - Good hitter, but not legendary enough to be a true DH and be elected to the Hall.

Bert Blyleven - I'm on the "no" side of the fence. He hung on. Sure, Don Sutton's in and the comparison works, but do voters elect him because of Sutton? If they do, I won't lose any sleep.

Ellis Burks - Just not good enough.

Andre Dawson - Oh so close. But no.

Andres Galarraga - No

Pat Hentgen - No

Mike Jackson - You wanna be starting something?

Eric Karros - Nope.

Ray Lankford - No.

Barry Larkin - There's the thought that he is a no-brainer. I'm on the fence with Larkin. I never saw where he truly dominated the game. But it won't be the worst decision ever if he gets in.

Edgar Martinez - I saw what he did - numerous times. A purely brilliant hitter. I think a strong case can be made for him.

Don Mattingly - You probably know how I feel. Dominant for such a short stretch. But my agreement has always been consistent. No Keith Hernandez? No Don Mattingly.

Fred McGriff - Has the same number of home runs as Lou Gehrig. The comparisons end there. No.

Mark McGwire - I'm beginning to come around. I'm still leaning "no" but we're finding out the PED's were running rampant. McGwire is guilty without being convicted. As more names leak out, McGwire, Clemens, Bonds, A-Rod, and so on will start looking a lot better.

Jack Morris - I'll give you this - if Curt Schilling ever gets in, then Jack Morris should be next. For now? No.

Dale Murphy - If only. But no.

Dave Parker - Not quite.

Tim Raines - I never thought of "Rock" as immortal. I might have to think differently. Truly set the tone at the top of the order, but he was in the shadow of Rickey Henderson for the same era. It's very close to "yes" for me.

Shane Reynolds - No

David Segui - No

Lee Smith - Mariano Rivera will be a Hall of Famer. Bruce Sutter is a Hall of Famer. So are Goose Gossage an Rollie Fingers. My point? Lee Smith wasn't as good as these guys. Yet there's a case. Still I'm thinking "no."

Alan Trammell - Nice player, good guy. Not good enough.

Robin Ventura - See above.

Todd Zeile - Again.

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