Thursday, November 05, 2009

Team of The Decade?

A few have tried to say the Yankees are the Team of the Decade, for what that is worth.

Let's review...

2000 - Yankees over Mets
2001 - Diamondbacks over Yankees
2002 - Angels over Giants
2003 - Marlins over Yankees
2004 - Red Sox over Cardinals
2005 - White Sox over Astros
2006 - Cardinals over Tigers
2007 - Red Sox over Rockies
2008 - Phillies over Rays
2009 - Yankees over Phillies

So what do we have? Yankees: two championships. Red Sox: two championships. Everybody else has one. The one thing that might - MIGHT - give the edge to New York is the total World Series appearances (four, versus two for Boston).

It's irrelevant, to be honest.

The parade is Friday. I'm not a fan, and have never been to one. I would like to take Sean but imagine I would be in for a fight, so that's probably not happening. Since it starts at 11:00 AM, I doubt I'll go, since I have this little old Greenwich/New Canaan game to broadcast on WGCH. I'll give it all some more thought.

I'm going to bed now.

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