Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Few Final Thoughts

Almost time to call it a night, but I have a couple of parting shots.

The Yankees opened the original House with a championship in 1923. They opened the new House with a championship in 2009.

They're one of a select few to open a new building with a title. Coincidentally, the Red Sox are one - having beaten the New York Giants in 1912, the maiden year for Fenway Park.

They did it the right way. Now I'm no fan of these on-field trophy presentations, but they did it with class tonight. They acted like Yankees - a team that can stand with Ruth and the others.

Read these words and drink them in:
Alex Rodriguez - Champion
Seems weird, no? Yet it's time for the haters to shut up - officially.

No complaints with the MVP. Hideki Matsui was tremendous. Derek Jeter was terrific, as was Rivera. Pettitte had a decent Series. For me, it came down to Mo or Godzilla. I probably would have have said Mariano.

My Carmel soft toss Phillies team (ironic, no?) gave me a gift card to The Sports Authority months ago and I haven't used it (in part because I have a strong dislike for The Sports Authority). Yet tomorrow (or later today, I should say) I might pop in and use that gift card.

Besides Sean, there is somebody else I'd like to have shared this with. That's OK, but with Sean being asleep, I get kind of tired of watching these games alone.

I don't think my cell phone has ever been noisier. Constant texts came flying in (and out) after the final out. Facebook and Twitter were also nutty. My first attempt at posting the celebratory note failed. And yet I continue to read very bitter, and stupid comments (including one about a salary cap - ain't happening, and shouldn't happen).

Why is it so tough to stay quiet? And why try to bring people down? You only look like a jerk when you say things like this. Be graceful when you win, and dignified when you lose.

That being said, there are a lot of classy people who have sent notes over - including a few Red Sox fans. That's why I think Sox fans are generally pretty cool. The real ones get it, and appreciate baseball history.

What is it that "The Press Box Playmakers" (DeMer, ~F.O.X.~, and The Janitor) say to me? "Don't hate. Appreciate." How true.

The Yankees are the world champions. Wow.

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