Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Few Quickies

Do the Clippers broadcasters deserve be to suspended for this. Really?

Does Bill Simmons deserve to be banned to from Twitter for this?

Nick Koules was a Stamford legend. I saw him officiate many games and always thought he was too interested in talking to people in the stands and not so interested in the action on the floor. Whatever - he was a character and a nice man. So rest in peace, good sir.

Lastly this is the kind of thing that would only interest people like me. If you've never seen or noticed, the London Underground tube map is rather iconic. Quite often people take it and redo it in one way or another. So take my love of the Tube and combine it with my passion for the highways of this country, and you'll understand my fascination with this - a Tube map-inspired take on the map of US Interstates.

Those are the links of note for tonight. I'm back in my Boston hotel room. Yep, pretty sad.


Serge said...

Your observations show you have no clue about what a good official is all about. Simply ask the hundreds
of peers, coaches and players that attended Nick koules's wake this evening. We all know Nick's qualifications and countless Hall of Fame inductions. What are yours?

Sirjohn Papageorge nephew and former basketball standout at Stamford High and Northeastern university.

Rob Adams said...

I was not knocking Mr. Koules. It was that very quirkiness that made him unique, and was something that he and I used to laugh about, along with countless others. It was even worked into our broadcasts.

I had the all the respect in the world for the man and liked him a great deal. I was simply stating a memory.

Sorry you feel so offended to take it that way, and further sorry that you feel you have to take a jab at me or my "qualifications."