Saturday, November 21, 2009

Encouragement For A Friend

The best byproduct of coming to Boston this weekend was the opportunity to see an old friend. Lisa and I have known each other since 1992 (give or take) when she was an intern at Kraft. We hit it off then and have been very close ever since. Sadly, we have this bad way of going a long time without talking or seeing each other.

Tonight, we got together for the first time in four years. She looked great, and it pleased me to be with her. We walked, talked, ate dinner, walked some more (I've done a lot of that this weekend), and called it a night.

The thing about not seeing or talking to one another is that we both know we're never far from each others hearts. She's somebody I often think of and we're going to make a more concerted effort to stay in touch.

As we walked, I mentioned the blog and Lisa reacted in shock - never knowing about our little ol' place in the sun here. I can't believe I never told her, but was pleased to know that she is considering writing one of her own. I think it would be fascinating if she went for it, and I hope she does! She has some great ideas, and some great thoughts.

You will know more about it if and when it goes live.

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