Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day

I'm sure you can see the note on this photo: "Last row second from right." If you don't recognize him, allow me to tell you that it's my dad, smiling proudly to be an Army solider in 1951.

Pop also made the paper prior to basic training.

He was always so proud to be a soldier, but quietly sad that he could never fulfill his duty, as he was classified as "4F" due to his horrible arthritis (his hips and knees were terrible). He wanted to do his part to defend our country, and serve in Korea.

Unfortunately or fortunately, he stayed here and was safe and sound. My mother, sister, brother, and his eventual 12 grandchildren (I think that's accurate), along with his five great-grandchildren (again I think that's right) are better for it.

And it's soon to be six great-grandchildren, when all factors are considered.

Regardless, Happy Veterans Day to the many brave men and women that have kept us safe, and continue to keep us safe, and help preserve the freedom that we enjoy every day.

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