Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mets Will Make Citi Field More About The Mets

From Ballpark Digest comes this report that says the Mets have organized a committee to make Citi Field the Mets ballpark as opposed to the Dodgers.

This should help appease Mets fans, and critics (like me), but I still see an issue.

Granted, Casey Stengel was the teams first manager, and George Weiss was their first General Manager, but here's the...um...thing:

THEY'RE BOTH YANKEES! They're so identified with the Yankees that's it is Re-DONK-ulous!

So OK, I get putting them both in their Hall of Fame (wait, what?), and I can even understand retiring Stengel's number (I suppose) but couldn't we maybe name the Left Field VIP area after somebody else? I can understand the Gil Hodges fascination (not only was he a Brooklyn Dodger - there's the connection - but he was the manager of the Mets' first championship team and died tragically young), but I think the Stengel thing is kind of silly.

Hey - let's celebrate the manager of our team when we were an F'ing laughingstock! You know, when we SUCKED so badly that people loved us for SUCKING!

So what's next - rename the place "Yogi Berra Field?"

Let's not miss the point though - big "ups" to the Metsies for recognizing that they were doing a serious disservice to their fans. Congratulations to the team on righting the wrong.

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