Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yankees to Build Vacation Stadium

Nice touch. Long drive for me. I'd go. *

Yankees Building New Vacation Stadium In The Hamptons
Thanks for watching. I'm off to breakfast at the carnival in Greenwich, then I'm off to call Rye-Harrison, where I will get appropriately soaked.

You know, I was in such a good mood Tuesday night into Wednesday. It seems to have gone downhill since...uh oh...I sense a little Rule 55 action approaching. I can't find any video that I want to post though. Such is life.

* Please note that I do understand that the "Vacation Stadium" idea was purely satire. Despite the appearance that I am either:
A) the most gullible person in the world
B) the dumbest person in the world
C) both A&B
even I got that it was a joke.

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