Monday, September 22, 2008

More Stadium Notes

Great job by YES. I especially appreciate the shot of Bobby Ray, trying to retrieve a ball from the monuments.

So the reviews and thoughts are pouring in on the farewell to Yankee Stadium. Joel Sherman wasn't fond of it. Another writer seemed to be channeling my thoughts in what he wrote.

The videos are also coming fast and furiously. This was from Yogi Berra, and was played at the Stadium. Well Done.

This is by Tom Verducci in Sports Illustrated. I like it, but I do disagree with one thing - for the last time.

This is where Loud Gehrig played. And The Babe. And Joe D. And The Mick. Yes, a major renovation changed it in the 70's, but the ground, the concrete, the very foundation is the same.

It's still that Yankee Stadium, and I'm done with that fight.

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Jon said...

Wow, that Sports Illustrated story was amazing.

All I can say is that after watching CBGBs get torn apart a few years back, after awhile, you start to get used to the idea that it's gone. You don't like it, but you live with it.