Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bill Gonillo Five Poll - Week 1

So here we go again - my third year as a voter on the local high school football poll that Tim Parry runs. A couple of things have changed:

1) It's no longer a poll for just the FCIAC. No more FCIAC Five. It now includes the SWC and the regional preps (that's Brunswick for me).

2) It's been renamed in honor of the late Bill Gonillo.

I'm nervous to be a voter, simply because I've called FCIAC games (and Brunswick, and Section 1 in New York) for so long now. Yet I'll pay attention and be up to the task. So with that said, who's on top?

1) Greenwich - Duh. They let Bridgeport Central take a 14-13 lead in the second quarter, but exploded from there (47-14). They showed poise and power. Talk to me when they lose. Until then, they're still the defending champs.
2) Staples - Well if Greenwich is one, then Staples can't be far behind. This should keep my friends in Westport pleased with me...for now. They survived McMahon, 27-24.
3) Bunnell - They're good. Really good. And they beat Middletown 36-17.
4) New Canaan - Beat up on Trumbull, 41-13.
5) Masuk - Shut out Fitch 28-0.
6) Ridgefield - Beat Harding 37-14.

That's all for now. Carlos Zambrano has just finished up no-hitting the Astros in Milwaukee. Yep, that's right. The Cubs beat the Astros, on a no-hitter, in Miller Park. All thanks to a hurricane. Strange.

In fact, it was a strange day. Great work by the zebras in that Chargers-Broncos game. Brett Favre and the Jets are on their way to the Super Bowl, right? Oh, wrong. Like Greenwich, until the Pats lose, I'm not convinced.

Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits in the history of Yankee Stadium. That's nice, but that's about it.

Back to Steelers-Browns. The good guys are still winning...

UPDATE: Tim Parry is also doing a player of the week award. He nominates several individuals, provides a pertinent fact or stat about each one, and then leaves it up to us. My choice for Week 1 is Sean Anderson, who kicked a 29-yard field goal to lift Ludlowe over Norwalk, 17-14. It takes guts to do that, especially considering some (including me) thought Norwalk was a big team on the rise this year. Ludlowe has a new head coach and a team coming off a 1-9 season.

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: I realized after writing this last piece that I used the wrong wording and thus made it seem like Mr. Parry himself is doing the nomination. Not so, as he gracefully said to me in the comments:
Corrrrrection (not a big one). The players on the ballot are nominated by the coaches and the fans.
So there. Nanny nanny billy-goats.

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Tim Parry said...

Corrrrrection (not a big one). The players on the ballot are nominated by the coaches and the fans.