Monday, September 22, 2008

Bill Gonillo Five Poll - Week 2

I'll be brief. Lots to do.

1) Staples (2-0, Last Week: 2) - Shutout Harding 34-0.
2) Bunnell (2-0, Last Week: 3) - Beat Pomperaug 30-22.
3) New Canaan (2-0, Last Week: 4) - Beat Ridgefield 40-13. Have outscored opponents 81-26.
4) Masuk (2-0, Last Week: 5) - Beat up on Notre Dame-Fairfield 44-14.
5) Darien (2-0, Last Week: NR) - Beat Greenwich 31-25, and as I got to see it for myself, they immediately jump into the Top 5. What I now need to know is if this was a fluke, or are they for real. I thought their game plan was excellent, and their execution was outstanding. Matt Wheelock and Brian Kosnick get "big ups" from me.
6) Greenwich (1-1, Last Week: 1) - I'll put them here for now, though it's tempting to drop them altogether. If you're new to this, then you have to know that as the so-called "voice" of the Cardinals, I have to be a tough critic. Now I didn't like the penalties - some deserved, some not so much, but they happen, as do injuries. No question the better team won on that day. I'm not convinced that Greenwich is done just yet. They will retool and meet Brien McMahon this Friday.

There you go. Your mileage may vary.

Incidentally, I expect to add a minimum of four games to our broadcast schedule, including a classic from the state of New York. Not hard to figure out. More to come...

I also got a nice note from my friend Sean Patrick Bowley from the Connecticut Post. We were kidding about my need to promote WGCH more often (jeez, I try, but maybe I don't try hard enough). As always, there's more to this than meets the eye (from my end, having nothing to do with SPB). So we'll leave it at that.

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