Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On The Yankees

I haven't posted much on my beloved Bombers because, honestly, what is there to say? I said back in March that they weren't a playoff team, and now they're putrid. Flat-out, god-awful putrid.

Yet, thanks to friend o' Exit 55, Neil Best, we have this from Michael Kay, John Flaherty, and Ken Singleton on YES. Here's a sample:
"You know, we know everything that's gone on with the Yankees this year. We know the injury to Chien-Ming Wang was a devastating injury. Obviously, the injury to Jorge Posada as well. They've had disappointments with the young pitchers they were depending on. But you still look at the players on the field and the way they're playing now is disgraceful and an embarrassment."
More often than not, Michael Kay is quite self-righteous (although I will occasionally listen to his radio show), yet he's dead-on here. Their performance in 2008 has been awful.

Now add in the way the team has treated the final season in the magnificent House that Ruth Built. Why don't we have a few more empty suits from MetLife pull the damn countdown lever? Hate to say it, but the Cardinals have embarrassed the Yankees in the way they closed down Busch Stadium a few years ago. They understood the magnitude of the situation - something the Yankees normally get. Instead, it has been "B"-level celebs and nobodys (not all of them, but Jesse Barfield? Boomer Esiason...who's a Mets fan?). You're trying to tell me that 81 legends with close ties to the Yankees weren't available? Please.

It should have been done based on uniform number, where possible. At 44, get that clown Reggie Jackson. For 49, the great Guidry. Even Mo at 42 (he's not due into the game until the 9th inning anyway). The other numbers could have gone to people with ties to the building and franchise. How about Frank Gifford and Pat Summerall? Ali? Is there anyone to represent Joe Louis? Pele? Even Billy Joel or Bono, who performed shows at the Stadium?

As such, we're getting what we deserve in Yankee-land. The Yankees deserve to have a team that misses the playoffs. Since they are building a stadium that many don't want, the Yankees deserve a lackluster farewell. Sure, the All-Star Game was great, but what else has there been? This is not just a great stadium, this is the most famous building in all of sports, and among the entire world (you can argue if you want, but you know you're wrong). This building, screwed up in the 70's by Mayor John Lindsay's greedy renovations, deserves a far-better sendoff than it's getting.

They've pissed off the Matle and Ruth families. They've pissed off many of the loyal fans (Hi!). They have 10 games to get it right - and I'll be at two of the last three. Let's see what they can pull off. Among the rumors are the possible returns of Bernie Williams and Bob Sheppard. Plus, who will pull the level to get us to zero? I thought it would be the Ruth family, but they did it already (June 21st). My feeling is that it should be somebody with ties to 1923. Now if that somebody is Bob Sheppard, then I'll be OK (though he started in 1951). Will it be Jeter? Probably - and I could see that.

The full list is of who pulled the dopey lever is here.

The Yankees have botched 2008 both on and off the field. Now let's see how it finishes up.

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