Thursday, September 04, 2008

Do They Serve the Chili?

(Naples, FL) From Exit 55

Perhaps only Jason Intrieri, Nick Angotto and I will appreciate this.

Waffle House has opened a museum in the location of its original store. Sadly it's in Decatur, Georgia.

I guess I'll just to have to go eat at one of their other locations instead, however the closest ones to Carmel are:

126.38 miles away - 2101 CHERRY LANE, BETHLEHEM, PA 18015
127.03 miles away - 1783 AIRPORT RD, ALLENTOWN, PA 18109
134.22 miles away - 708 DAVIS ST, SCRANTON, PA 18505
134.82 miles away - 933 SOUTH STATE ST, CLARKS SUMMIT, PA 18411
186.18 miles away - 261 BELLE HILL RD, ELKTON, MD 21921-5132

Of course that last one is located about 10 minutes from Ripken Stadium. (Hmmm...note to self...)


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Can you say road trip?!!!

Rob Adams said...

Pick the location, and I'm in for a road trip! And if you can't tell...I'm not kidding!!

Jon said...

There are 11 Waffle House's in Richmond (hint hint).

Rob Adams said...

That works. I just have to find the time and get down there (preferably with Sean).