Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off The Bench

I am sooo overdue to bring Off The Bench back to life, but that's the kind of summer it was. As a studio host, you can often be as involved as you want. When I was first at WGCH, I would take copious notes so I could do halftime/intermission reports. The same situation existed with the Renegades. I couldn't write on the blog if I wanted to, because I was always at the ready to comment on something.

So we're back. Let's have at it, shall we?

I went to the GHS Football kick off party last night. As usual, first class all the way. The Cards have some good things going on for this year. They are honoring assistant coach Wayne Gioffre by dedicating their 2008 souvenir program to him. Wayne has been nothing but fantastic to me since we first met during the 2000 season. I met his wife, Lisa, and their (not quite) four-year old daughter Emma last night. Adorable. I also met his parents - long-time listeners and great people themselves.

As always, all of the coaches were approachable and fun to talk to. They understand our jobs, and I make every effort to never cross any lines.

The team will also honor the memories of both Steve Bawol and Stephen Catanzaro, including wearing a sticker to honor Bawol. Further, they're doing their part to support the brave people who are defending us overseas. I could say more but then I'd have to kill you.

That line always cracks me up.

We'll be on Friday night from Cardinal Stadium at 6:50, with the Shore and Country Property Pregame Show. You probably know this, but you can listen here.

More football news to follow. Maybe even more games on WGCH.

Rob Crowley had a few thoughts about last Saturday's game, from the broadcast point of view. He'll be good on the air, as will Nick Fox. It's all about learning the flow. As I told Rob, one of my big points is that we sound like we're friends. By and large, we are, and I'm very loyal to them. I don't let just anybody in with us.

Must...not...invoke...Rule 55.

Dave Jennings has been a wonderful football analyst around New York for 20 years now. He was treated poorly by the Jets, and is now in a quandary about his role with the Giants. Health problems (specifically, Parkinson's Disease) are taking a toll, and Jennings is a very exacting person. Neil Best has more.

The Imus Ranch Record is about to his the shelves and iTunes. Jaques Steinberg drops the laser in the disc in the New York Times.

The American Diabetes Association is hosting their Step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes on October 19th. I'm hoping to free up that day to join Tim Parry to walk in honor of Bill Gonillo, who died almost a year ago. As most of you know, my plate (and my mind) have been somewhat full for a while now, but things like this give me peace. We'll see how the schedule plays out. If you're interested in doing whatever you can to honor Bill and fight diabetes, go here.

Is it bad when "Fashion Rocks" on CBS is the best you can do for entertainment on a weeknight? Still, there's something very OK about watching Beyonce take on the role of Tammi Terrell.

It would have rocked if Jay Z (call him Jigga, Hova, whatever) played Marvin Gaye, but Justin Timberlake had the moves and the voice.

Politics? Pfeh. Not now. I feel pretty comfortable where my vote is going, but as I've said time...after time...after time...I don't have a definitive party. I vote with my conscience.

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