Thursday, September 04, 2008

Olympics, Meet MST3K

I'm catching up, so forgive me if you've heard this. It comes from our friends at Deadspin.
The characters were superimposed over a high-definition broadcast of the Olympics for about four hours on Aug. 16 by KTVH, NBC's affiliate in parts of Montana.
Somebody goofed, apparently.
...the display was the result of second-hand equipment the station was using for the first time. When the FlexiCoder for high definition was turned on, the characters popped up, Grevenitz said. As soon as the station realized what was happening, an engineer was called to remove the software causing the problem from the system to ensure the phenomena would not repeat, he said.
Apparently video existed via YouTube for all of about five minutes before the Blue Meanies at NBC yanked it. Pity, that.

Makes me wistful for the days of Mystery Softball Theatre, by far our worst effort in the years we did videos for the Philip Morris/Kraft BEA Softball League. That in itself is a story that's worth repeating one day.

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