Thursday, September 04, 2008

This Might Get you Ready for Football

The NFL's logo in the 1960's, courtesy of Chris Creamer's Sports Logos.

Check this out. It's classic NFL music that will get you jacked for the start of the season, and it doesn't involve Usher, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, or Prince.

Plus you can download the songs. Cool.

I actually own the Steelers fight song, but never knew there was a whole album of these tunes.

I truly...wholeheartedly wish the NFL would stop pushing popular music and football together. We don't need the stupid concerts. We need Butkis. And LT (Taylor, that is). And the Monsters of the Midway. And the Steel Curtain.

Stop. Please. Now.

I'll spare you any great analysis and cut to the chase - Cowboys/Patriots in Super Bowl XLIII. That's fairly close to being the seventh layer of hell (sorry, Dana - Cowboys fan who celebrated a birthday yesterday) but it's the way I see it. Some say the Pats will be lucky to win 10 games, but other than the Colts, who's better? Right now I'm not sold on the Chargers yet, and no - I will not pick the Steelers.

Rest easy, Giants fans. I'll pick against you again. That worked well back in February...thankfully. God I loved watching the Pats lose, and I heard Bob Papa's call of the final seconds last night on WFAN, and loved it all over again, for reasons that I may be able to explain someday (though some of you know why).

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