Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Thrill of Victory...

and you know the rest. Some absolutely thrilling baseball today. At one point, I had the Mets/Marlins on TV, and the Brewers/Cubs on the computer.

This is what it looked like:

Oh, and the White Sox have to play the Tigers tomorrow in a makeup game to see if they will then take on the Twins on Tuesday for the AL Central title.

Give me the chills of an exciting pennant race any day.

Now let's throw in Mike Mussina winning his 20th game, Brett Favre throwing six (!) touchdown passes, the Redskins beating the Cowboys, and you have a pretty darn good sports day.

Oh, and without adding any pain, allow me to ponder this question: why did the Mets hold their farewell to Shea Stadium ceremony AFTER they lost to the Marlins? I glanced at the screen at one point and it looked like nobody was there. Honestly, would you stay if you had your heart ripped out like that?

I leave that to the Mets fans that read this blog to answer. Just not this one, who shows how to stay classy.

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