Thursday, August 30, 2007


First, a happy birthday to that young stud of a pup, Mr. Ricky Fritsch. Ricky ends the list of August birthdays that included my nephew Michael, The Sister-in-Law (just back from Seattle) and my brother.

Now, let's get to a little high school football. We start with the latest on WGCH football. Assuming all goes well, I will be at the mic next Saturday for the call of Greenwich and Brunswick at Cardinal Stadium. I'm hoping the pregame will start at 9:50 AM, but I know the game itself kicks off at 10. Sean Kilkelly will be in the booth with me, and Nick Angotto will be walking the sidelines.

I also began to put the pieces together for the big trip to Naples, Florida on November 9th, when the Cardinals take on the Golden Eagles of Naples High School. I've exchanged emails with Naples AD Ernie Modugno and he said that we will have plenty of space to call the game in their VISITORS press box!!

Hello? A visitors press box? Are you reading this up here in Connecticut and New York, where the facilities are generally either too cramped or just flat-out insufficient? In fact, if I were to rate the press boxes, I would put Greenwich first (gotta love the home-cooking - the burgers at half time, the heating and air conditioning, and the fact that I always have space there). After that, I think I would put Boyle Stadium next - especially if I get to use the room that is separate from the rest of the box. I was going to rank them from there, but after the first two, they kind of blend together. Some - like Danbury, McMahon, New Canaan and Fairfield - are nice and have almost enough room, but have no privacy. Kennedy Stadium is OK but is very high up and when it is cold there, it is bone-chilling.

I never could figure out how we didn't get electrocuted at Trumbull, but their booth is roomy, if not the sturdiest. We never get to go in the booth at Harding but thankfully the weather hasn't been bad there. Then there's Darien and Staples (and Greenwich), with nice press boxes but they're very small. We'll likely be outside on Thanksgiving this year.

Oh, and I can't rate Brunswick because they don't have a box. and believe it or not, I can't rate Ridgefield because I've never called a game from there.

Anyway, enough about that. I have some great video for you (hence the title of this post). A senior in Ohio pulled off a classic stunt, and I have to thank the people at Deadspin for posting it. You can read the whole story here, but make sure to watch the video. As pranks go, this one is a dandy.

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