Thursday, September 06, 2007

Off The Bench Rides Again

You are looking live (well no, not really) at The Son heading to step on the school bus on his first day of Kindergarten. I guess I am officially old, or he is officially growing up.

No, I did not cry. It happened too fast. That's my buddy right there, and this was a major step in his life. It has now changed.

He had a blast, by the way.

His teacher called last night to tell us that he had a great first day. I don't know if that's mandated but I liked it. It was a classy move.

The NFL kicks off tonight, and for some reason, they continue to pound us with pointless concerts. Kelly Clarkson is fine and all, but John Mellancamp and Faith Hill? Whatever.

Can we just play the frickin' game?

I know the answer.

And I suppose I owe you a prediction. Fine. There will be a winner. OK, seriously. The Pats will be back on top (as much as that pains me). They will beat the Saints in Arizona in February. As for the Steelers, this will be the honeymoon year under Mike Tomlin, but ten wins and a wild-card berth is the best that I will offer...or hope for.

Locally, the Giants have a brutal schedule. I'm thinking 8-8 at best. Mangenius and the J-E-T-S will be the better team in the New York area (face it, neither team is a New York team).

Oh, can Michael Strahan just stop? Now? That's a guy who is very difficult to like.

As opposed to, say, anyone with the last name "Manning."

I like Tiki Barber, but he needs to pipe down also.

Speaking of football, tune your radios or web browsers to WGCH Saturday morning at 9:50 as the Greenwich Cardinals take on the Brunswick Bruins in a scrimmage. Yours truly is planning to be on the call, along with Sean Kilkelly and Nick Angotto.

I say "planning" because the red bullseye and I differ on the subject of my weekends in the fall. This fact has kept me from getting amped up for the season.

More about that when it's more appropriate.

Two great acts - two of my all-time favorites - have released new music. The Eagles put out their new single, "How Long", which has the twang of their early country work but the rock sound of their later (and arguably better) stuff. I like it, even if it is a song that they used to play in concerts but never recorded. It's a roughly 35 year-old tune.

Then there's Bruce. Springsteen of course. "Radio Nowhere" is the first track released from the new CD, Magic. Chris Russo (yes, the "Mad Dog") said that this is the best Bruce song in thirty years. Now I know he didn't mean that because that would then overlook "Darkness on the Edge of Town", "Badlands", "The River", "Out in the Street", and anything from Born in the USA (whose best song is "Bobby Jean"). So with all that said, "Radio Nowhere" is a great song. It quickly jumped into heavy rotation and is the song that will play if you head over to my MySpace page. The song is the best rock from Bruce in a long time.

Now I just have to figure out how the heck to get tickets to see Bruce and the E Street Band when they play one of their local shows.

Heck I can't even afford the invoice for the Yankees' playoff tickets. I'm starting to think that will be a reality, though I'm still not convinced. I still think the World Series will be Mets-Red Sox.

Can we now say that A-Rod is very good?

People are telling me I look a lot thinner. That's true - I've seen the results on the scale. It's amazing what stress and no money can do. That's your best diet right there.

It doesn't work for the joke, but the above is true, coupled with being on my feet all day at the bullseye. I'm also eating a lot of salads (because they're cheap). The overall result is nice as I'm getting closer to fitting in things that I haven't worn in a while.

Maybe it is all good.

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