Thursday, August 16, 2007

Show a Little Faith, there's "Magic" in the Night

Any person with a shred of musical knowledge knows that the title of this post rings a bell as a musical lyric. It's from "Thunder Road" and it's by a guy named Bruce. No, make that...


The man, and his band are back. The new CD, Magic, drops on October 2nd, and the buzz is that it is a rocker. No more sad yet revivalist (The Rising) or dark and brooding (Devils and Dust). I give you the official word from The Boss's official site:

'Magic,' Bruce Springsteen's new studio recording and his first with the E Street Band in five years, is set for release by Columbia Records on October 2, 2007. Produced and mixed by Brendan O'Brien, the album features eleven new Springsteen songs and was recorded at Southern Tracks Recording Studio in Atlanta, GA.

'Magic' Song Titles:

1. Radio Nowhere
2. You'll Be Comin' Down
3. Livin' in the Future
4. Your Own Worst Enemy
5. Gypsy Biker
6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
7. I'll Work for Your Love
8. Magic
9. Last to Die
10. Long Walk Home
11. Devil's Arcade

'Magic' is the first new studio album by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band since 2002's GRAMMY Award-winning, multi-platinum, number one album 'The Rising' (Columbia Records), which was also produced by O'Brien.

Bruce Springsteen's longtime manager Jon Landau said, "'Magic' is a high energy rock CD. It's light on its feet, incredibly well played by Bruce and the members of the E Street Band, and, as always, has plenty to say. It's also immensely entertaining. 'Magic' is the third collaboration between Bruce and Brendan O'Brien and is a culmination of their very productive creative relationship."
Oh, baby! I'm ready for some Bruce. Now just give me a tour with a stop at either the Garden, Giants Stadium, the new Prudential Center in Newark (if it must) or the old Brendan Byrne Arena and let's get the party rocking "out in the street." about a farewell to Yankee Stadium concert. Somebody STOP ME!

See, I CAN be in a good mood. I guess this would be the right time to say that I've probably said too much on the blog personally, and I've noticed a drop in comments - perhaps because y'all don't know what to say to me. Those who have written to me via email have read right through me, and I appreciate everyone's concern. Money, as we all know, is the root of all evil. From there it's a trickle-down effect. I let myself fall prey to all of that, and ruined some of the hard work that I had put in to brighten myself up. I began to act bitter, angry, and very mean again. In short, I acted like a victim. So all I can do is move on and start again.

My attitude about the red bullseye was wrong - mostly because I felt it was a severe blow to my ego. That and I don't like the hours. Once I got past my initial fears, the work became OK - somewhat mundane, but occasionally challenging. It is good, honorable work with some great people, and the pay is very reasonable. Heck, I even served as a cart person for the first time since I worked at Shopwell (not Shop Rite) in 1985. How long I will be there is anyone's guess, and it could be longer if they laid off the late nights and weekends (especially with football on the horizon). I need to be there for The Son, and that's tough to do right now, but I'm trying.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that things are OK. Yeah there are going to be ebbs and flows, but I'm resolute in my desire to fix everything. I accept responsibility for what I've done and apologize to anyone I have hurt. Now I must move on. I've begun journal writing again in the hopes of letting it all out there, and not hurting people here.

Sing along! "Tramps like, we were born to run!"

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