Sunday, August 19, 2007

No Gifts Necessary

The first anniversary of Exit 55 came and went on Friday with no fanfare. That's OK. Thanks to everyone is sufficient enough. It's been fun. I know I've promised more things, but I'm laying low right. If the muse hits, I'll be back. Then again, that's always been to MO of this blog. I don't promise daily updates like the good people at Deadspin and Awful Announcing are able to provide but then again, they have multiple writers as well at times.

I hope to play a little "off the bench"-style catch up soon. The high school football buzz is picking up as well, and you might want to visit with Tim Parry, who is branching out in every way possible - an internet radio show, a video effort with Matt Levine, a new discussion board, and an SWC blog as well. Best of luck, guys!


Tim Parry said...

Happy anniversary, Rob! And thank you for inspiring me to go for it! If a beer is not a gift, then that will be the congrats and thank-you!

Rob Adams said...

Thanks, Tim. You've been one of the major contributors and a source of inspiration. And believe me, a few frosties can be viewed as a gift, necessity, or way of life. Whatever works!

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Congratulations Rob! I do hope you will keep banging out many more posts. The next warm milk is on me!