Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So, the Imus saga appears to be done. Imus and CBS Radio settled, with word being that the financial agreement was in the neighborhood of $20 million, and that Imus can not smear CBS. Too bad, but that's OK because there are plenty of other people that would be happy to smear CBS Radio for him.

So that's the good - Imus is a free agent, and despite their claims, WABC is in the mix to bring the I-man to 770 AM. I still maintain that WOR is an option, and the long shot is that WFAN will just bring him back to 660 when all is said and done.

What's the bad?

It's official that Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton are the new morning team at WFAN. Yeah, good luck with that. Carton has said things that are far worse than anything Imus or Bernie McGuirk said, and Boomer can just be a tad too obnoxious. I'm not saying that I won't listen to them, but I am saying that I expect them to stink - period. Give it to January and wait for the I-man to return.

Not likely, but I can dream.

So we have the good and the bad. So what's the ugly?

A brave young woman named Kia Vaughn has sued our Mr. Imus. So who is she? That's right - you didn't know her, did you? Had she not chosen to sue Imus, you'd never know her name. But now, in an attempt to grab fifteen minutes of fame and some kind of settlement, this person has decided to let her leech of an arse-clown lawyer found on some late-night TV infomercial decide to press on with a lawsuit. Why? Three words...

Nappy. Headed. Ho.

Kia, get hold of yourself. You and the rest of the Rutgers team did look very brave and brilliant during that time. You should be thankful that the West Virginia tragedy didn't happen a week later because the Imus thing would not have existed. It would have dried up and disappeared. You played for the national championship. No harm was done otherwise to you or your team. You were the victim of a joke - of "sticks and stones." Now, you look like foolish and opportunistic. The "victim" deal ain't going to fly here.

May any judge in the land utter this statement to you: "case dismissed."

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