Friday, August 10, 2007

Pittsburgh Steelers...Mascot...What Doesn't Fit Here?

Ladies and Steely McBeam.

(Rob...take a deep continue)

OK, these are the PITTSBURGH freaking STEELERS. The team that barely had cheerleaders for a decade. These aren't the Cowboys or some other rah rah type of team. These are the Steelers, or the "Stillers" in 'Burgh-speak. They're like the Bears and the Packers and the Giants.

It's not like the Stillers haven't tried this before. There was The Terrible Fan (ouch) and Stevie Steeler (double ouch). The only one that I saw that was even remotely cool was this one, which was never a mascot but a logo used in 1960 and '61, and is used on certain throwback items.

I can only pray that Steely passes as quickly as Stevie and Terrible did. For the love of Cowher, Noll, Lambert, The Bus, Big Ben, Mean Joe and, of course, Terry Paxton Bradshaw.

Oh, and lest I not hold the Yankees collective feet to the fire. For some impossible, unfathomable reason, the Yankees had "Dandy", and I can't even tell you what the hell he/she/it was supposed to be. Out of respect, I will not post a picture of Dandy (they're not easy to find, to be honest) but I will give you a link. Don't say I didn't warn you that it's bad. Really bad.

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Tim Parry said...

I thought that was Bill Cowher!

And I always thought "Dandy" was Beeker's crackhead cousin.