Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy August!

Yee HAH!! Bring on August, baby! No more fooking July!!

Hmm...did I say that out loud?

Well, I don't care, because I'm so freaking happy that July is over. There is a chance that life might carry on after all. And thanks to y'all who reached out to say "waddup" (or something like that). Some of my friends were fair and honest in their assessment of things, and even though I kept thinking somebody was going to yell at me and tell me what a horrible person I am, nobody did. In fact, the support was universal, with one person telling me to not be so hard on myself. I often accept blame that I shouldn't.

"Waduup." Is that English? bad.

Anywho, the new month doesn't mean that all is well, but it does mean that the slate can be wiped, yet the truth is that I have a fairly long memory and hold a fantastic grudge. Take that for what it's worth. That slate normally isn't wiped completely clean. There's always some residue.

OK, so we're off to see Stingo and the boys tonight at the Garden. I hope to give a review in the not too distant future. We'll be back in the area tomorrow, and have a clean Friday as well - which we'll spend as a family. Then we're going to visita charity softball tournament on Saturday before heading off to an Adams Family (snap! snap!) picnic.
Yeah, something like that.

In short, things will be busy over the next few days. And what about the red bullseye, you ask (come on, I heard ya')? They can't seem to get their act together. I asked for my hours and they said they'd call me back. That was after I had "orientation" with them on Monday for nearly three hours.

So for Friday, does anybody have any suggestions where to take the family that isn't too painful for the adults but fun for The Son? I desperately want to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (I was The Son's age when I went for the first time and was so excited that I put my pants on over my pajama bottoms - and didn't notice it until much later in the day). I don't think we'll be going there, but it could happen. The Crayola Factory in Easton, PA stands a chance. We have maybe one or two other ideas. Let me know if you have any. Yes, price could be an issue but we'll see.

Oh back to The Police before I go jump in the pool and get ready to leave. I mentioned some time ago that the reviews were brutal. Well I just read recent reviews from the shows in Montreal, Toronto and at Fenway Pahk, and they're a lot better. The Boston reviewer had some harsh words but gave the show passing grades. It seems everybody's got some sort of beef with the show (largely the jazz element) but the fans seem to be happy. I suspect I'm going to enjoy myself.

I will be revealing none of this to The Wife, if I can avoid it. I'd rather she go in expecting the worst and being pleasantly surprised.

I doubt you will hear from me before late tomorrow or Friday, but if I get to a computer tonight, I'll say a quick hello.

King of Pain!

PS - A-Rod - the Yankees hit EIGHT home runs last night. Do you think you could have hit ONE of those?? So we know the deal - A-Rod will hit number 500 tonight, and Barry Bonds will hit 755 and 756. At least Tom Glavine will not get 300 while I'm at the show tonight. The Mets bullpen blew that chance last night.

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