Saturday, July 21, 2007


We here at Exit 55 do our best to put out a fine blog. We fly below the radar for the most part and are OK with it.

You know, kind of like broadcasting high school sports when people say we should be broadcasting the pros. The compliment is nice, but we're happy in our cocoon with The Wife and The Son and the lack of constant travel.

Then I went and did something that got me a little publicity. And I'm OK with it but nor sure I deserve it.

Last night's entry on Hank Aaron was born out of reading comments over at Neil Best's Watchdog blog in a post about Milo Hamilton. A reader, John Phillips, said, "I would love to hear Vin Scully's call on the Dodger side, but never have." Knowing how I love when people produce such things for me, I decided to go find my copy of Scully's call . A little more searching on the Net produced an even longer copy of Scully's call on that April evening in 1974, so I downloaded that and combined it with Curt Gowdy's and Milo Hamilton's so that you, the listener, could contrast and compare. Sort of like comparing my call of the 2003 Greenwich-Staples epic with Matt Levine on WSTC/WNLK and whomever called it on Cablevision at the time. Sort of.

After the editing was complete, I placed the audio on, where I also stored the Greenwich-Southington montage and the Top 10 football games audio from last December (audio can be found here). I finished by putting a comment back on Neil's blog so that John and anybody else could hear the audio of Aaron's historic shot.

(Oh, and if I've truly offended any copyrights and so on, I'll gladly take it down. I'm just of the opinion that these are wonderful historical documents and mean no harm.)

I started today by surfing the various blogs that I am loyal to, including Neil's. And no, I'm not shamelessly sucking up when I say that if you like reading about sports media, Neil best. Neil just knows his stuff, and there's less attitude, bias, and arrogance than his New York-based brethren of Bob Raissman and Phil Mushnick. Among this morning's new posts were things about Ed Marinaro and Barry Bonds (you'll just have to go there and read it to understand) before I saw a picture of the master - Vincent Edward Scully. Then I read the post. Then my stomach began to churn. It begins:
Here's a link to the blog of loyal WatchDog reader Rob Adams
You know that moment when you're suddenly the center of attention and you want no part of it but you love it. Well now you know how I feel.

So please, read it here!!

All of this always reminds me that, as roughly fifteen more resumes flew away yesterday, in my fantasies, somebody notices that nice blogger (and better broadcaster) and shows him some love by giving him enough work to feed his family and pay his mounting bills. As we sit here this morning, I have dodged more credit card debt calls than I wish to admit. That, friends, is another rant for another time.

Thanks, Neil, for giving me the attention. First Howard Stern, now Neil Best. Next - the world!

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