Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mr. Adams, meet Mr. Stern

Recently, I wrote in one of my entries about some bad times. It was probably a touch too personal, but that’s the tightrope that I walk here. When that happens, it’s almost like the new song from Gwen Stefani, “Wind it Up.” It’s like a train wreck – you don’t want to listen (or read it), but you just can’t help it. At those points, it’s best to just keep moving.

Incidentally, a reader reached out to me after that, and I appreciate that person’s thoughtfulness. I’ll come out of the shadows eventually. That being said, something happened yesterday that had me so mad that I drove home from work in total silence. I only wanted one thing – to see the joyful smile on The Son’s face.

Then he stuck his tongue out at me. Reality bites, people!

I will spare you the details of what happened. It was “unprofessionalism” at its highest form. Moving on to better things…

My old friend, John Iannuzzi, rang my cell phone around 9:00 yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I was in the loo at that point (that’s British slang for the…um…toilet), and though plenty of men answer the phone in there, I am generally not one of them. So I checked the message later on. Anyway, John is a loyal listener of Howard Stern, and this morning, he heard Howard and Robin Quivers, talking about producer Gary Dell’Abate (aka “Baba Booey”) and his son, Jackson. Jackson plays football in the GYFL for the North Mianus Bulldogs, who were in the junior championship game – a game that we broadcast on WGCH.

I had met Gary a couple of times, the first being at a GYFL championship Sunday a few years ago. He came up to the booth to say hello, and I played it low-key, as I try to do with everybody, because I don’t think they want the celebrity treatment in that spot. He just wanted to be “Gary” and that was fine with me. After the broadcast, Zach Fisher (who knows the Dell’Abate’s) told me that Gary was anxious to get the audio of that junior championship game. At the Greenwich Old Timer’s Dinner, “Baba Booey” himself reaffirmed that to me. Two days later, the CD was in his hands.

This all leads to this morning, and the reason for John’s call. Following some banter between Robin and Howard about the “community radio station”, a very familiar voice came on the air. Yep – mine. If this works correctly, just press play and enjoy perhaps the biggest moment that I will ever experience in my career.

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