Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moving On

That's the theme of things right now. I'm just "moving on." I begin orientation and training with the red bullseye tomorrow, which means I'll be making some sweet moolah. There will be some bumps in that road though.

In the personal world, mistakes were made. Now the healing begins.

Incidentally I made some of those mistakes. My behavior in dealing with things was unacceptable. I mentioned some of it on my MySpace blog, but suffice to say, I've got to be better than that.

We go to see The Police on Wednesday. I hate dealing with expectations, but I really need to have a great time. This is not a want.

Lets' be clear here. The music can suck for all I care. I'm just happy to go with The Wife. many others in the world...just does not get it. I watched some of their coverage of the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, as longtime Royals broadcaster Denny Matthews was speaking after receiving the Ford Frick Award. Apparently Mr. Matthews spoke too long for ESPN's taste, as they cut off his speech to go to commercial. Way to go.

Congratulations to Matthews, Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn, and St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Rick Hummel. A great class - and class is the right word.

Speaking of such things, Peter Abraham in today's Journal News wonders if there is "anything that can be done to get Joe Morgan off" ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball." Pete goes for the mute button and some music. I've never had that many problems with Morgan but then again I don't pay a whole lot of attention to him...or Tim McCarver.

The Journal News also has an article in today's paper about actors Nance Williamson and Kurt Rhoads. Unless you have been to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival at Boscobel in Garrison (that's here in Putnam County) then you probably don't know who they are.

I have been to the Shakespeare Festival a bunch of times, and Nance and Kurt were involved in virtually every production. They are wonderfully talented people who seem like they'd be a lot of fun to have a glass of wine with, or something.

They're also married, and have been for 23 years. This fact has been an in-joke between The Sister-in-Law, The Wife and me for about a decade.

I think "Hey There Delilah" has hit overplayed land. Cute song, pretty harmless, but overplayed.

Bring back Fergie!

There needs to be a party at this house, and soon. I'm on record as saying that July might have been the worst month of my life (I'm willing to put it in the top 10). Now it's time to make August great, and let life begin again.

It's nice to start looking forward to doing things again - The Big E, Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain, and so on.

Again, moving on.

WGCH has sort-of, kind-of, maybe finalized the 2007 football broadcast schedule. We've added a couple of Brunswick games to the mix. I have nothing to add to that. I am purely the play-by-play voice, and supposedly the Sports Director. My opinion does not matter. I'll post the full schedule soon.

I was supposed to fill-in for somebody this week, but those in charge have nixed the idea, instead opting to go with an off-site option. That's vague, but a few of you know who and what I'm talking about. Considering my current financial situation, I think $50 or so per outing wasn't going to break the bank.

More brilliant business decisions from those who think they invented a entire medium.

I spent part of the day in Dutchess County (had to get a red polo shirt!) and it confirmed what I've long known - that I'm just completely lost in society. So with the behavior of some around me, and seeing what I saw today, I've decided that it is time for me do the following:
- Get a tattoo. No, make that MULTIPLE tattoos. I need a picture of The Son, a Yankees logo, a Steelers logo, and maybe a spider web, or barbed wire. Or both!
- Piercings! How is it possible that I haven't pierced my ears, eyebrows, nose, tongue, and other accouterments?
- Wear an ankle bracelet. Wait, most guys don't do that, do they? No offense, ladies, but I've never been a fan.
- Wear a thumb ring. Ooops. That's the same as the ankle bracelet thing.
- Start smoking - immediately. And I'm not just talking about your basic pack of Marlboro's. I've got to have me some herbal refreshments also. My brother left a pack of smokes (the non-herbal kind here) so why not? Then I can throw the butts on the road like everyone else does!

Hey this all seems acceptable to many (not just y'all in the DC) so why shouldn't I do it? Why am I the freaking goody-goody?

Jon - not a word.

OK, I guess I like being that way. And I'm not a goody-goody. I have my vices, and my own addictions (can a blog be addicting?). Yet by and large I've lived a very clean, honorable life. Why is it that hard?

This Playland thing is a political football. For those not in the know, the theme park had an employee die when she climbed on a ride called the Mind Spinner. The 21 year-old mother was in one of the ride's cars without a seat belt on and swaying to the music. The ride operator told her to sit down and started the ride. She fell out and was hit by the cars, killing her.

Again, she was just 21. And a mother. The ride's operator is 18.

Now the park (which is run by Westchester County) is shutting down the ride. Why? Because a young woman was - frankly - irresponsible?

It's a major tragedy. And as always, there's got to be repercussions. But does closing the ride make it all right?

Oh, and Playland is taking out the old witch and zombie rides. The former scared the shite out of me and the latter scared the shite out of The Son. That's generations for you right there!

Looks like the Imus on WFAN era is officially over, once and for all. According to Bob Raissman:
Boomer Esiason has reached an agreement in principle to replace Don Imus and become WFAN's new morning man, according to radio moles.

Esiason should make his debut shortly after Labor Day - perhaps as early as Sept. 4. He will be joined by Chris Carton, a shock jock currently working on New Jersey's WKYW-FM.
I think Imus is on his way to WOR, and I've thought that for a while, but I recently had a chat with a "mole" of my own who had a little inside knowledge. According to my source, current WOR morning personality Donna Hanover (you know, the former Mrs. Rudy Giuliani) has a stipulation in her divorce agreement that she can not talk about her former husband at all. Therefore, with the '08 election heating up, Hanover couldn't be a part of a radio show in which the 2008 Republican nominee is the big Yankees fan himself.

Now reality is that Rudy might not get the nod (it's not looking great) but it just adds to possibility of Mr. Imus heading to 710 AM.

I think the best reason Imus will land there is because 660 and 770 do quite well in the morning talk ratings. 710 gets minuscule ratings at best. WOR will get a major boost if Imus winds up there.

To back that up with facts, in the most recent Arbitron ratings book (Summer 07), WABC (770) did a 3.5, WFAN (660) a 2.7, and WOR a 2.0. Obviously there's much more to ratings than that (demographics, time of day, etc) but that's the top-level look.

There's also talk that a settlement is about to be reached between Imus and CBS Radio, so he will be free very soon.

One last time...moving...on...

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vwzen81 said...

Ya know, besides the Dragon Coaster, the Mind Scrambler was my favorite ride at Playland!! It's horrible that someone died (sort of her own fault); why ruin it for the rest of us? Gosh!