Tuesday, July 17, 2007

He's Getting Closer

From the New York Post today:
Don Imus is coming back to the airwaves in September, according to private eye Bo Dietl, who was a regular on 'Imus in the Morning' on WFAN. Dietl said on Post State Editor Fred Dicker's Albany radio show, 'I'm not supposed to say, but... if he was to be coming back, I would look for September.' When Dicker asked if he meant satellite radio, Dietl replied, 'broadcast.' Another source says Imus has been scouting comedy clubs looking for a black sidekick who will take the sting out of any future racial cracks like the one that got him booted off the air.
As always, I will believe it when I see it, but I will say this - Bo Dietl is a world-class arse clown, but he's also a FOI (friend of Imus). I think there's something to this.

But...not so fast. Neil Best is reporting this today:
After a week of playing phone tag with Steve Rosner while he was on vacation in California, I cornered Boomer Esiason’s agent in his New Jersey office Monday.

Rosner did not want to say much, but he did not say anything to contradict the notion that Esiason is the top choice for Don Imus’ old morning slot on WFAN – along with one or more sidekicks.

Esiason said last week he wants a resolution soon because of his commitments in autumn. He could get his wish. What about a possible return by Imus, though?

“In our latest discussions, Don Imus’ name has not come up,’’ Rosner said, “so until someone tells me otherwise, my assumption is that is not part of the equation.’’
So the truth is somewhere in the middle. One thing to note about the Imus report - it doesn't say where he will return, other than it will be "broadcast" radio. That makes me think it could be somewhere like WOR (710 AM). I'll say this - if Imus comes back somewhere else and Boomer Esiason is in his old slot on WFAN, then I have three words for you - David...Lee...Roth. He had anemic ratings after replacing Howard Stern. Boomer will be a disaster.

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