Monday, July 02, 2007


I was just over at my friend (at least I think he's still my friend) Tommy Dee's True Sports Fan blog to see how his second internet radio show went. I knew he and Sean Kilkelly were going to have New York Post blowhard and first-rate hypocrite Phil Mushnick on (who I frequently refer to as "Schmucknick" - not very original, I know). I wanted to see how "The Killer" went off on the Schmuck.

Anyway I was looking at the links on Tommy's page to listen to the show when I saw this link - "Rob Adams- Got your Yankee Pom-Poms?." Hmmm...OK. Whatever. For the record, it's not me who said that the Yanks would threaten for the division and win the Wild Card. That would be our mutual friend, The Killer. I have said...on record...that the Yankees are Done...D-O-E-N...Done. My pick for the World Series are the occupants of the Shea Bodega who, incidentally, are TD's favorite team.

I know, all in good fun, and no offense taken. Tommy knows the deal, and so do I. And as you all know, the Yankees are only a subplot of the many goings on here at Exit 55. This is hardly a Yankees blog - enough of those already exist.


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I still hope you're right about your Yankees prediction though.