Monday, July 09, 2007

This One's Too Easy - Hit The Road "Jack"

We've been speaking about this for a few days, and it has now been confirmed. The information is courtesy of AllAccess:

ALL ACCESS has confirmed that CBS Adult Hits WCBS (101.1 JACK FM)/NEW YORK will return to their legendary Oldies format on THURSDAY, JULY 12 at 1:01p.

According to a CBS Radio press release dated JULY 9, the format change from JACK FM to CBS-FM will start with songs from the BEATLES, MOTOWN and THE BEACH BOYS and feature artists like BILLY JOEL, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, ROD STEWART, FRANKIE VALLI and many more.

"Above all else, it is an honor to bring CBS-FM back to NEW YORK," said WCBS VP/GM JENNIFER DONOHUE. "Having been a long time employee and personal fan of the station I truly understand what an emotional moment it was when NEW YORKERS had to say goodbye to their favorite radio station. We acknowledge and appreciate the loyal fan base who’ve never stopped asking for the format’s return, and now we’re thrilled to be back -- better than before -- with updated features, incredible on-air production, the best combination of legendary NEW YORK personalities, and of course hundreds of ‘The Greatest Hits Of All Time.’"

"CBS-FM will be a station that celebrates its past with an updated sound appealing to a whole new generation of listeners on many levels," said BRIAN THOIMAS PD of CBS-FM. "The role we play in the community and the responsibility we have to our listeners will be treated with respect as we reintroduce the station back into the fabric of the City."

Additionally, DAN TAYLOR has been named as the station’s new morning show host, along with contributors MR. G and AL MEREDITH. BOB SHANNON also marks his return to the station as host of middays, and is joined on-air by market staple BROADWAY BILL LEE who will host afternoon drive.
I applaud CBS Radio for bringing back the likes of Broadway Bill Lee and Bob Shannon, along with Dan Taylor, who I don't think is right for morning drive, but is a good DJ nonetheless. If they keep the more modern oldies in rotation then it might get a good listen from me. We'll see how it develops.

What will become of Jack? I don't know and frankly, I think it's a shame that they're pulling the plug. I thought Jack was good, though my interest had wained recently thanks to my iPod, my sports needs, and general indifference. Oh, and XM radio - to tell the truth. One rumor (or theory) is that Jack could land on 92.3, where the revitalized K-Rock has been blowing chunks. Their playlist seems too short, without a lot of broadening. Plus they're dipping their toes into the softer side of Alt-Rock, with Plain White T's "Hey Delilah", and that's not going to win fans with the suicide music set.

Not that all of what they play on there is suicide music. I'm just generalizing.

Well I wrote that last bit, then went to the New York Radio Message Board, which now has a special WCBS board, and they're reporting that Jack will live on in high definition. So essentially, oldies and Jack are trading places, because the oldies was running jockless on a high definition channel that was also available on the 'net.

Incidentally, let me remind you that if you want a wide playlist with good music, then listen to The Peak at 107.1. Just be aware that they also drive certain songs into the ground - such as "Phantom Limb" by The Shins. I know there was once a format that allowed for songs to be overplayed so much, but people don't want to hear the same stuff in 2007. They want variety, because if they want the hits, then they can go someplace else. The Peak should be smarter than that.

Lastly, Drudge Report that Don Imus will be back on the air as soon as January. They sight a "top source close to Imus" but I'm not buying this one. To me, the top source is one Charles McCord, who hinted that things were close, and to me that sounded like a fall return. Maybe things have changed in the past week.

Since I started all of this with a cheesy cliche (in the title), I'll end it with one - "Stay tuned!"

Oh, and stay cool today. It's dangerously hot around metro New York.

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Sean G. Kilkelly said...

I'll miss Jack. I remember when they first came to New York there was a report that a sister station "Jill" would be following, that their style was the way to go.

I guess not.