Saturday, July 07, 2007

Short Sabbatical

I was going to take a few days off from the blog to get my head straight about a few things because one of my beliefs is to not write anything too inflammatory. There are things that I often want to say that would get me in hot water with certain people, and I felt like I was on the verge of just letting it all hang out. This morning, I have things under control - at least here on the blog - so I can write a few quickies.

Two things prompted me to write. The first thing was a hot (and I do mean sweltering) rumor in radio land. Word is that Jack FM (101.1) is going to die a painful death sometime over the next week or so and replaced by...tympani, please!...oldies. That's right, it seems 101.1, CBS-FM might be returning. This is from the New York Radio Message Board, and their info is normally spot on.

So (sorry, cliche time)...stay tuned.

Item number two was a comment that I received on the blog. Pete Kohlasch, the quarterback of the 2002 state champion Harrison Huskies, found out about "Exit 55" from someone, and posted a comment on our post about the best football game we've broadcast:
Hey man, a friend of mine just sent this website over to me today and I love it. I guess in large part because I'm Pete (Kohlasch). I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much and I'm happy we were able to put on a show.

No Pete, thanks to you and your teammates. I remember so much of that season and thought you guys were great. I remember interviewing you after each of the games that we covered and thought you represented Harrison well. Years later, you should be proud. Thanks for the comment!

Incidentally, I know of at least one person (not naming names) who was not happy with my choice of Harrison-Forks at the best game I ever called, wishing I had opted for the Greenwich-Southington game instead. I will say that the person in question is a former Cardinal and I understand the feeling, but when all things were considered, I stand by my belief that the Harrison game was just amazing.

While I'm writing, I must say that it was great to be back on WGCH the past two days. Yes there were some rough patches and some rust, but it was good overall. I hope to do it again soon...though I was happy to get some sleep. Getting up at 3:00 AM isn't fun...especially when you have tickets to that night's Yankees game. Thanks to my cousin Kris for driving.

(Note Nature of language, kiddies)

At last night's game, Mick said that I'm being too "PC" when I write things like "fook", "arse", and "shite." We here at Exit 55 have standards, and the last thing we ever want to be called is "PC." Fuck that! There - happy now? But Mick handed the case to an arbitrator (that would be Kris), who ruled that it was not "PC" but it was "pansy-ish." Whatever. I'm not PC - far from it - and with the exception of editing songs for The Son, never shy away from media that uses such language. I just figured that you never know who's reading the blog and by using what I call the Irish pronunciations of such words, I'm getting the message across in a humorous way. Call it "PC" if you wish but you'd be wrong. It's meant to be fun without being blatantly potty-mouthed.

I also call it "staying classy, San Diego."

Yet that conversation was part of one of the funnier nights that I've ever had in Section 5 at Yankee Stadium. All we did was laugh for three plus hours, along with watching a good game and a Yankees win. The story of Section 5 will be here soon (be patient, Mick).

Oh, and thanks for the frosty one, Mick.


Sean G. Kilkelly said...

If Jack goes under I will miss them. I think they are pretty good. I miss the old 102.7!


Mick said...

Your welcome for the frosty beverage - anytime. Thanks really to to annoying guy who wanted to sit between Billy and I and talk to his equally annoying friend behind us. Thank god Dr. Fred was not at the game and I managed to "fool" them that I had his tickets as well. Hence not 1 but 2 free beers. Got love suckers!

Touche my friend for allowing the F word to enter the realm of Exit 55. I think you have a nice "fooking" blog here!!

It was a good night - something about the summer, the heat, the blob we call "Marlboro Man", and other nice things we will not talk about here.

I'm being patient. "Am I buggin you yet?" -- (lyric from which song?)

Rob Adams said...

Mick - the song is "Silver and Gold" from U2. Had to think about that one...