Saturday, December 21, 2019

Place Holder Post

It's one of those days where nothing has hit me to write about.

As always, I have ideas, but there isn't one particular thing that has me inspired or fired up.

There are days when I want to let loose and say what I want.

But, as we know, that's not really an option.

Plus, we're supposed to be all about "goodwill" and so on at this time of the year.

Or, whatever.

But, let me pause here to remind you that not everyone is enamored with the holidays for myriad reasons.

I'm one of them, and I've highlighted that. Sure, I'm surviving, but it's another rather bleak season.

That being said, this place holder post is written because I'm off to a family party with loved ones that will help my spirit.

And I know better days are ahead. I believe that.

So, I'm writing this post now to get ahead of things in case no other stronger emotion strikes me before midnight.

Trust me, there have been too many nights in this Project 365 experience where I've stressed over writing the daily post. Too many nights of sitting in a parking lot, or in bed fighting to stay awake.

So I'm writing this at 4:30.

I'll be back.


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