Wednesday, December 25, 2019

And To All a Good Night

Christmas, 1971 -- Holiday, FL
So, this is Christmas.

And what have you done?

Another family event over.

And at times it was fun.

-- John Lennon/Yoko Ono, songwriters (with poetic license taken by RD Adams, Jr)

We have made it through Christmas, in which we celebrate levels of excess. You know, too much food, too many gifts, and certain levels of alcohol to survive the first two!

Of course, if you're broke (and if a former employer owes you money from nearly THREE YEARS AGO), then you sit and watch all of the presents being given out, and deal with the lack of pressure of not having to shop for said gifts.

In reality, there are so many who are less fortunate. They really can't afford gifts, are hungry, and don't have a roof over their heads. There are many stories and few answers.

We've highlighted the often insane amounts of pressure during the holiday season. Some thrive on it. They live for it.

Others very much hate it.

I felt varying levels of all today, spending it with my wonderful nephew Michael and his family at their house in Connecticut. My mom, sister, and other members of her family helped round it out. At times it was crowded, while it was intimate at others.

But their house is so comfortable (especially in those more intimate times) in that they always offer to let me stay over, and don't even flinch if I fall asleep on the couch. To that end, Michael's wife Ashley was the perfect hostess. She offered me coffee and anything else to give me an energy boost.

Comfort was the name of the game. It was a brunch, buffet style, and there wasn't a tie or dress to be found. Some were even in pajamas.

Me? There was a time where I would have never worn jeans on Christmas Day. Now I do it almost annually.

We'll add to that group next year when my niece Meaghan and her fiancee Eric welcome their baby boy. That will be in addition to Ashley and Michael's Izzy and Gabby.

More fun for the perpetually-sort of young Uncle Robbie, who still loves crawling on the floor with them and hearing them laugh. That's what it should be about.

So, this was Christmas, 2019.

And now it is done.

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