Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yes, Sir!

Charl Schwartzel has won the 2011 Masters (Jay Busbee via Yahoo!).  Yet 25 years ago, sports fans sat glued watching Jack Nicklaus beat Father Time.

Great call by Verne Lundquist.  Few words were needed, except "Maybe.  Yes, sir!"  My WGCH colleague, Tony Savino, and I often talk about this one - a favorite.  It's included in this short ESPN piece, discussing why Jack wore a yellow shirt that day in 1986.

Some moments can still give me chills, especially when paired with the right call.  This one did.

The Rangers winning yesterday?  That one gave me chills also.  Good times (and the most fun I've had with Carrie at a far).  The Reason?  We talked about the game.  We laughed.  We smiled.  All good stuff.

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