Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Saying Hi

As you've no doubt read here from time to time, I hit the occasional wall where I question the blog and it's author (ah, that would be me).  Why do I do it?  Who is reading?  Is my writing impactful?  Do I write things that are just stupid?  Am I a good writer?  Does anyone care?

Now to be clear, the answers are "because I like doing it", "not my family, but apparently somebody is, according to Google Analytics", "I guess that is up to those reading", "ditto, but occasionally", "I guess I have my moments", and..."I don't really know."

I suppose that last one stems from spotting what I thought was a topic for a good post, when I was asked  if anyone would really want to read about it.  I thought the answer was "yes" but, of course, I began to question myself.

Then I go through these moments where I've got topics - solid, fundamentally decent topics about anything and everything - that I can't get out of the gate.  There are varying and sundry reasons for this (I just like saying "sundry").  Sometimes it's the Jack Nicholson reason:

That means I have what might be a strong opinion that will, frankly, cause me grief if I let it fly. 

Or it simply could be something about a subject so mundane yet it causes distress upon discussing it (the "toxic topics").  So I often shelve those discussion.

Along the same idea are the topics that can't or shouldn't be discussed.  This generally refers to delving too deeply into politics, work, legal matters, money, religion (I had the most wonderful chat with somebody about it last night and it was almost an eye-opener for me, but I don't know if I should go with it).

That leads me to the matter of my own cranium.  Ah yes, the dreaded "writer's block."  Plus that inner voice saying, "you might want to think twice about this one."  At the same time, there's the "I don't really have the time and, hell, let's face it, I don't get paid to do this" reason.  Pretty sound and solid, I tell ya.

I like that I question my writing - it's a good sanity check for me.  Yet when I get too deep, I lay low.

So in short, I just stopped by to to say hi.

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